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Conceptual representation of a transit station at the Kendall Parkway. Actual design to be provided at design phase.

The Kendall Parkway:

The Kendall Parkway:

Imagine The Possibilities

The Kendall Parkway is a new north-south multimodal transportation corridor west of SW 167th Avenue from the current termini of SR 836 at NW 12th Street to SW 136th Street.

The southwest area of Miami-Dade County has been the fastest growing area of the County with no additional major transportation infrastructure proposed to serve the 600,000 residents and businesses in the area. The Turnpike and the Palmetto Expressway alone cannot address the existing demand or the projected capacity needed to provide mobility in this area. Residents spend an hour to an hour and a half each way in their daily commute.

With the Kendall Parkway, residents will access this new expressway within minutes of leaving their homes significantly reducing their daily commute. One of the significant benefits is that traffic will split east and west between the Kendall Parkway and the Turnpike reducing congestion on all arterials as well as shortcuts through neighborhood roads. The Kendall Parkway will benefit all commuters and residents in the area whether they use the new facility or not.

The Kendall Parkway is proposed as a multimodal transportation corridor that will include Xpress Technology (XT) Lanes to be used for express bus service. This means that for the first time, residents of West Dade and West Kendall will have travel options in addition to their cars. The Kendall Parkway will offer commuters the ability to take an express bus from West Kendall all the way to downtown in the special lanes that will offer a fast and reliable service. The Kendall Parkway will also include multimodal hubs near the Kendall Executive Airport and Kendall Drive. These hubs will include parking facilities, transfers to other transit lines, and boarding platforms in the Kendall Parkway’s median. These platforms will be weather protected and climate controlled, and designed to serve additional modes in the future, such as light rail or heavy rail as the Kendall Parkway corridor is reserving an envelope for potential future mass transit service by Miami-Dade County. This express bus service on the Kendall Parkway will be a southwestern extension of the bus express service that GMX will operate on SR 836 starting next year with potential destinations at the Airport and Downtown. This service will initiate at the Dolphin Station/Park and Ride west of the Turnpike and north of NW 12th Street.

The Kendall Parkway will also include a 14-mile nature trail for biking, jogging, walking and sightseeing, which also serves as a buffer to the urbanized area. The design of the trail will harmonize with the areas it traverses. It will run along the right of way of the expressway, but will be fully separated from vehicular traffic. This nature trail will include access points from residential areas along the trail.

The Project Development and Environment Study is the planning study that has been on-going for 5 years. Many of you have participated throughout the process either in the Kick Off, the Corridor Workshop, the Alternatives Public Workshop or the Public Hearing meetings as well as in the Citizens Advisory group and Environmental Forum. Once the permitting by local, state and federal regulatory agencies is completed, the project will move into next phases of development of design and construction.

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