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Economic Development

To ensure the equitable participation by small and local businesses in its contracts, GMX has adopted two separate policies: Small Business (SB) Participation Policy and Local Business (LB) Participation Policy. Both these policies require that certified SB’s and LB’s participate in GMX contracts.

To ensure these policies are met, GMX requires a minimum of 15% SB participation as well as an additional 15% LB participation in the majority of its contracts. To guarantee the maximum distribution of work possible, firms that may be certified as both a small business and a local business cannot meet the participation requirement of both LB and SB in a contract.

GMX has designed an outreach program in support of its Small Business Participation Policy and Local Business Participation Policy, the GMX For Business Program.

Small Business Participation

To qualify as a Small Business for GMX, vendors must be certified as a Small Business Enterprise by Miami-Dade County or Micro and/or Small Business Enterprise by Miami Dade Public Schools under any of the following gender and race neutral programs:

Miami Dade County Certifications:

  • Architecture & Engineering Program
  • Construction Services Program
  • Goods & Services Program

Miami Dade Public Schools Certifications:

  • Architecture & Engineering Program
  • Professional Services (Non-A/E)
  • Goods & Services Program
  • Construction Services Program

All of the above certifications are accepted to meet the Small Business participation requirement in a contract as long as the certification applies to the services being performed.

For details of the certification process and requirements by Miami Dade County, please visit their website at or contact their Small Business Development Certification Unit at 305-375-3111.

Local Business Participation

To qualify as a Local Business for GMX, vendors must be certified by GMX. Certification eligibility is based on the vendor meeting and demonstrating two out of the three following criteria:

  • The individuals who collectively own a minimum of sixty percent (60%) of the firm must reside in Miami-Dade County or Monroe County;
  • The vendor’s main office must be located in Miami Dade County or Monroe County for a minimum of two years;
  • At the time of certification as a Local Business the majority of the firm’s employees must reside in the tri-county area (Monroe, Miami-Dade, and Broward counties).

The GMX Local Business certification process takes approximately 7 to 10 business days from the date a complete and compliant application is received.

GMX For Business Program

In addition to multiple partnerships with sister agencies and sponsorship of events in support of the small and local business community, the GMX for Business Program is comprised of three major components:

Educational Program: Free technical and entrepreneurial training courses and workshops for certified Small Business and at a reduced cost to certified Local Businesses.

Career Enhancement Program: Free technical and entrepreneurial training courses and workshops to unemployed individuals in the transportation industry.

Annual GMX for Business Conference: Each year GMX hosts a conference to provide small and local businesses an opportunity to network; meet GMX staff and Board members; learn about contracting opportunities with GMX and other government agencies, as well as about partnering opportunities with other prime vendors. An array of exhibitors comprised of government agencies, non-for-profit organizations, corporations, financial institutions, and others have the opportunity to display their business and provide information to the attendees.

This is the one event where the transportation industry networks with all other industries to explore and discover the potential for partnering and supporting each other. Although this conference is hosted by GMX, it is a true partnership among all attendees, exhibitors, and presenters as each play an essential part in making the conference effective and successful.