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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 01 FY24Meter Postage Services07/12/2023Details
PO 02 FY24Postage Meter Services07/12/2023Details
PO 03 FY24Spring Water - Bottle Water for HQ and Field Team 07/12/2023Details
PO 04 FY24General Office Supplies07/12/2023Details
PO 05 FY 24General Office Supplies07/12/2023Details
PO 06 FY24Smarty Street Look Up07/12/2023Details
PO 07 FY24Hurricane Emergency Radios07/13/2023Details
PO 08 FY24General Office Supplies07/13/2023Details
PO 09 FY24Media Buys07/13/2023Details
PO 100 FY24PDU on Gantry for Breakers on 836-1704/10/2024Details
PO 101 FY24PowerEdge MX7000 System04/12/2024Details
PO 102 FY24Audio Video Equipment for Conference Room04/12/2024Details
PO 103 FY24Outdoor Cat6 Shielded 1000 FT Spools04/12/2024Details
PO 104 FY24General Office Supplies04/12/2024Details
PO 105 FY24Website Hosting Services for FY2404/15/2024Details
PO 106 FY24General Office Supplies04/22/2024Details
PO 10 FY24Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repairs of Mechanical Equipment 07/13/2023Details
PO 11 FY24Service Maintenance Agreement for DMS and ADMS Signs on MDX Road System07/13/2023Details
PO 12 FY24FedEx Services07/18/2023Details
PO 13 FY24Toshiba Maintenance Agreement for Multifunctional Machines07/18/2023Details
PO 14 FY24Smarsh Mobile Communication07/18/2023Details
PO 15 FY24Fire Alarm Monitoring and Certification Services07/20/2023Details
PO 16 FY24General Office Supplies08/01/2023Details
PO 17 FY24Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Subscription08/01/2023Details
PO 18 FY24Dell Onsite and Technical Support Services 08/01/2023Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.