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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 26 FY24General Office Supples09/05/2023Details
PO 27 FY 24General Office Supplies09/08/2023Details
PO 28 FY 24Symmetra LX Battery Module09/08/2023Details
PO 29 FY24Printer Replacement for Board Secretary09/14/2023Details
PO 30 FY242009 Honda CRV Safety Lights09/20/2023Details
PO 31 FY 24Office Supplies09/20/2023Details
PO 31 FY24General Office Supplies09/20/2023Details
PO 32 FY24Security Scanner Software10/04/2023Details
PO 33 FY24General Office Supplies10/04/2023Details
PO 34 FY24APC BACK-UPS ES 55010/11/2023Details
PO 35 FY24Blank W-2 Forms10/17/2023Details
PO 36 FY24General Office Supplies10/23/2023Details
PO 37 FY24KNOWBE4 Gold Subscription10/23/2023Details
PO 38 FY24Blanket PO for FM200 Inspection and Service11/01/2023Details
PO 39 FY24Monthly Elevator Maintenance for 12 Months 11/01/2023Details
PO 40 FY24General Office Supplies11/01/2023Details
PO 41 FY24Door Release Button11/01/2023Details
PO 42 FY24Installation of 148 Batteries in 39 Shelters11/13/2023Details
PO 43 FY24PDU Installation in Each ITS Controller Sites11/13/2023Details
PO 44 FY24Service for 2006 Bucket Truck11/13/2023Details
PO 45 FY24ITS Technician Safety Equipment and Tools11/14/2023Details
PO 46 FY24Emergency Server and Equipment Replacement11/20/2023Details
PO 47 FY24General Office Supplies11/21/2023Details
PO 48 FY24GMX Headquarters New Computers11/27/2023Details
PO 49 FY24Genral Office Supplies11/28/2023Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.