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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 50 FY24Vehicle Fleet Wrap with GMX Logo11/30/2023Details
PO 51 FY24General Office Supplies11/30/2023Details
PO 52 FY24General Office Supplies11/30/2023Details
PO 53 FY24Tablecloths for Board Room Tables with GMX Logo11/30/2023Details
PO 54 FY24Replacement Desk for Procurement11/30/2023Details
PO 55 FY24General Office Supplies11/30/2023Details
PO 56 FY24Microsoft Enterprise Agreement12/04/2023Details
PO 57 FY24Batteries for Locators12/12/2023Details
PO 60 FY24Printing of Mailers for GMX Public Info Meeting12/12/2023Details
PO 61 FY24UPS for Cabinets12/13/2023Details
PO 63 FY24TeamViewer Software12/18/2023Details
PO 64 FY24Hook Handy Tools12/19/2023Details
PO 65 FY24Purchase of Conduits12/21/2023Details
PO 66 FY24ITS Tools and Safety Equipment12/21/2023Details
PO 67 FY24Tracer Wand Batteries01/08/2024Details
PO 68 FY24ARCGIS Desktop Support and ARCGIS Online Licenses01/11/2024Details
PO 69 FY24GMX Procurement Approval Self-Ink Stamp01/12/2024Details
PO 69 FY24GMX Procurement Approval Self-Ink Stamp01/12/2024Details
PO 70 FY24 TMC Office Supply Order01/17/2024Details
PO 71 FY24General Office Supplies01/26/2024Details
PO 72 FY24TMC Staff Uniform Conversions to GMX01/26/2024Details
PO 73 FY24GMX Logo Shirts for Executive Board and ITS Field01/26/2024Details
PO 74 FY24GMX Business Cards for Headquarters Staff01/30/2024Details
PO 75 FY24Blanket PO for Annual BlinkLinks Subscription for Wrong Way Driving and Future Troubleshooting for All 7 System Locations. 01/30/2024Details
PO 76 FY24GMX Vehicle Purchase - 2024 02/01/2024Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.