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Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders

PO 75 FY24Blanket PO for Annual BlinkLinks Subscription for Wrong Way Driving and Future Troubleshooting for All 7 System Locations. 01/30/2024Details
PO 76 FY24GMX Vehicle Purchase - 2024 02/01/2024Details
PO 77 FY24GMX Vehicle Purchase of 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 150002/01/2024Details
PO 78 FY 24ITS Tech Tools 02/01/2024Details
PO 79 FY 24Clean Power Run For Tolls02/07/2024Details
PO 80 FY24Tamper Proof Pull Sets02/15/2024Details
PO 81 FY24ITS Cables and Tools02/15/2024Details
PO 82 FY24ITS Sensor RMS Repairs02/15/2024Details
PO 83 FY24KNOWBE4 Awareness Training02/15/2024Details
PO 84 FY24Blanket PO for Legal Services 02/23/2024Details
PO 85 FY24Vehicle Fleet Wrap with GMX Logo02/28/2024Details
PO 86 FY24General Office Supplies02/28/2024Details
PO 87 FY24Microsoft Surface Pro 803/01/2024Details
PO 88 FY24HID Cards03/05/2024Details
PO 89 FY24GMX Stamps for Finance and Administration03/05/2024Details
PO 90 FY24Blanket PO for Bond Counsel Services03/06/2024Details
PO 91 FY24New Dell Laptops03/12/2024Details
PO 92 FY24PDUs for Tolling Cabinets03/12/2024Details
PO 93 FY24Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscription03/14/2024Details
PO 94 FY24General Office Supplies03/20/2024Details
PO 95 FY24Blanket PO for A/C Services for Trane Software Equipment03/21/2024Details
PO 96 FY24NETALLY LRAT-1000 NETWORK TESTERS03/21/2024Details
PO 97 FY24Bucket Truck 2006 Tires Replacement03/27/2024Details
PO 98 FY24HQ Monitor Replacement04/10/2024Details
PO 99 FY24GMX Computer Peripherals04/10/2024Details

The Current Fiscal Year Purchase Orders information is updated the last Friday of each month.