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Future Projects/Studies

GMX SR 924 West Extension

Description : This proposed project would extend the SR 924/Gratigny Parkway to the west to connect with the Turnpike. The purpose is to improve access and meet east/west mobility needs for commuters and freight traffic. This extension would alleviate existing and future local traffic congestion by providing improved access to the integrated expressway network of SR 826, I-75, SR 924, and the HEFT.

Project Status : : A Design Phase Revaluation has commenced to prepare for the next phase of the project. Included in the current Five Year Work Program is the design build phase for the segment between NW 97th Avenue west to the Turnpike (HEFT). The Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study was completed in 2015. The Revaluation will include considerations to the western segment of the alignment and will include public involvement efforts with the surrounding property owners and neighboring public. (See factsheet in Project Information section)