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Future Projects/Studies

GMX SR 836 Southwest Extension / Kendall Parkway

Description : This proposed project would provide a southwest extension of the SR 836/Dolphin Expressway from its current terminus at NW 137th Avenue, in the vicinity of NW 12th Street, to SW 136th Street or some point to the north. This new corridor is envisioned as a multi-modal limited access facility and the goal is to design a cross section that relieves traffic congestion within the area and provides a valid mobility option while providing an opportunity to limit urban expansion to the west. This would provide additional north-south connectivity and enhance mobility throughout the area and greater accessibility to major activity and employment centers.

Project Status : A Project Development & Environment Study is underway to evaluate the potential social, natural and physical environmental impacts of the proposed project. The first phase of the study included an Alternative Corridor Evaluation (ACE) Report where multiple corridors were evaluated. The second phase resulted in the information presented at the Public Hearing that took place on December 13, 2018, where a recommended alternative was presented. Comments for the record can be emailed to or mailed to GMX, Mayra Diaz at 3790 NW 21 Street, Miami FL 33142 on or prior to December 26, 2018. The public involvement program for this project has included a Kick off meeting with the adjacent community and one with elected officials and agencies; meetings with the Citizens Advisory Committee; two Environmental Forums bringing together environmental interests; a Corridor Workshop; an Alternatives Corridor Workshop and a Final Public Hearing. There has also been multiple meetings and coordination with permitting agencies including the Corps of Engineering and the South Florida Water Management District. The Public Hearing is the final public meeting prior to completion of the study. Coordination with permitting agencies will continue. GMX will be sending regular update to the public through the GMX Newsletter. If you are interested in receiving them please send an email to with the subject line or message that indicates "Add my email to database to the receive GMX Newsletter".